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Summary of information regarding EUROJUST raiding Xtream Codes
Summary of information regarding EUROJUST raiding Xtream Codes
[Imagem: renderTimingPixel.png]Press conference:http://www.eurojust.europa.eu/video/Pres...werres.mp4
Press release: http://www.eurojust.europa.eu/press/Pres...09-18.aspx
  1. Xtream Codes panel/backend server and Facebook are down. Their servers were seized.
  2. The press conference is mainly given by a lot of non-technical morons (police team leaders perhaps) who are very confused about what they are talking about, for example ~13:00 they're talking about IPTV providers, IPTV decrypters, and Xtream Codes as if they are all the same company. They are not.
  3. 181 servers seized worldwide. 30 of which were main servers, and the rest "rebroadcast servers" (~27:00 in the video). At 21:00 in the video, the Netherlands representative says that their country specifically took down "93 servers at 1 location, servers that were used by a criminal group operating from Italy and focused on the Italian market for pay-TV; all information on the servers has been captured and transferred to the Italian police for further investigation" and "this criminal activity was not committed by Dutch (Netherlands) residents, and there is no mention yet of any Dutch (TV) companies that have become victims of this", which confirms that this was a bust of an italian IPTV provider, hosted in Netherlands, which just happened to also take down Xtream Codes.
  4. There is a chart showing every arrest (all Italian names, and all live in Italy except 1 in Malta and 2 in Germany but still Italian names), as well as the word Xtream Codes drawn as the "mastermind/core" behind the illegal network (haha): https://imgur.com/PKxeri3. Furthermore the chart shows that the decrypted signals (sent by the arrested people) were sent to an Italian server, which in turn sent the signals to many French and Russian servers, which in turn sent the signal to the final customers/viewers. The chart also shows that the French/Russian servers were the front-end for resellers, and that those servers were connected to Xtream Codes Bulgarian server for admin back-end, which is why Xtream Codes server in Bulgaria was seized too.
  5. Basically, according to the press conference, the entire investigation only took 2-3 months. It all began with Italians in NAPLES capturing 1 RESELLER MORON who sold illegal IPTV in Italy via a Facebook page where the idiot was selling subscriptions (this is why I hate mouthbreathing morons who create webpages and "pls share us on social media thxxxxx" for IPTV reselling). Then they used information on his computer to track more members/decryption staff/main staff of the service itself. They discovered that some members were outside Italy so they contacted EUROJUST and found out that this group was already under investigation by 5 EU countries (Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria and Greece (at 33:50 in the video)), so they combined forces. Then they tracked and captured the other worldwide members of that reseller/decoder/provider-network (~22 people busted so far), and those are the photos you can see in the "bust" video of a room full of cables and TV box decoders, basically they busted team members who owned decoding hardware. They worked with worldwide police from EU (EUROJUST) and even Latin America, today (September 18th, 2019) to bust the Netherlands-servers and worldwide decoder staff (boxes in people's homes decrypting digital TV signals) owned by THAT Italian IPTV provider (the press conference REPEATEDLY and ONLY spoke about THAT SPECIFIC Italian IPTV provider). They had simultaneously tracked that it was all linked to Xtream Codes (mentioned from 27:50 in conference), so police seized their server too. The Netherlands police has now sent the Italian IPTV provider's server contents to Italy for further investigation. And the Xtream Codes server contents in Bulgaria was also seized and turned over to EUROJUST. So they have ALL the contents of the Xtream Codes master server now. The Xtream Codes panel itself does not host any illegal content, it just handles account and channel management where providers put in their own stream-URLs, so Xtream Codes itself didn't really do anything wrong, since it isn't their fault whatever streams the various IPTV providers add to their own admin accounts... Anyway, the EUROJUST team will now process all the seized evidence from all servers and decide what to do next...
  6. Again, this was a bust of ONE Italian IPTV provider, where they ALSO seized Xtream Codes "just because its admin panel was used to manage the illegal streams". The other IPTV providers that have gone down today at various places in the world have NOT!! been seized, because the press conference (and chart I linked above), spoke ONLY about the Italian IPTV provider and NOTHING else, and all the arrested individuals are Italians. So the other providers who shut down most likely just did it because they were spooked, or because "oh well Xtream Codes is offline, we will get tons of chargebacks and customer complaints, time to take the money and run".
  7. But here's the thing: Since the Xtream Codes server WAS seized, EUROJUST now has the "admin/infrastructure" data of MOST IPTV services in the world... meaning that they have the stream server IPs and reseller data (usernames, email addresses, credits) and customer data (username, password and last-used IPs) of all customers and all servers/illegal streams used by ALL IPTV PROVIDERS. So now they just have to look at the IPs of all stream servers in all Xtream Codes admin accounts, and they will know the EXACT IPs of the illegal channel servers for MOST IPTV PROVIDERS WORLDWIDE, and can simply send warrants to hosting providers around the whole world, to basically bring down all IPTV worldwide. What fucking genius decided to host/administrate all of that info via a single server (Xtream Codes) in Bulgaria?! Lazy idiots.
  8. At 25:20 there is a slide which says "<200 servers were seized, <150 PayPal accounts blocked, 22 suspects identified, Evidence seized: servers, digital equipment, payment instruments, record sheets" which tells us two things: First of all this was clearly just about the Italian IPTV provider, and Xtream Codes was seized as a side-project. Secondly, they did seize customer records, which speaks for itself: bleh.
  9. At 27:30 they CLAIM that the Italian group had 5 million Italian customers (that's ~8.3% of Italy's population, lol), earning them 2.18 million euros per month. The number of customers seems fake as hell, because 2.18m EUROs / 5m customers = each customer pays 0.436 EUR ($0.48) per month. Hahaha. I think this "5m" number is inflated as hell. The real number is probably ~180k customers paying ~12 eur per month each (this price was mentioned in an article)... but I guess they must lie about the numbers to make their corporate overlords in the TV industry happy. (PS: At 35:00 in the video you can see the human-penis-in-a-suit from one of those massive, greedy corporations who always litigate instead of innovate.)
  10. They estimate "800 million euros in lost revenue for the TV industry" (at 32:20 in video). This estimate is only for the Italian market and is roflcopter-too-damn-high. Anyway, this number is funny since most people on IPTV would NEVER buy cable TV exactly because it is too damn expensive and gives 98% bullshit programs that you don't want to watch. If there was no IPTV provider, most users would just pirate specific shows on piratebay instead. And anyway, I do not feel sorry for those "poor" ultra-rich worldwide mostly-leftist brainwashing TV corporations that pump out 98% propaganda/trash TV shows that massively dumb down the world. "Boo fucking hoo".
  11. Providers who used the Xtream Codes panel for managing accounts cannot add new users/edit existing users, since it is all offline.
  12. But that is the LEAST of their worries, since worldwide police knows all of their server IPs now. Congrats, morons, you placed it all in one location with some random Bulgarian company named Xtream Codes. GG.
  13. The providers all have locally hosted Xtream Codes panels for customer connections which means end-users still don't notice anything wrong yet. But those self-hosted panels may go offline soon when they can no longer connect home to Xtream Codes to verify their license. I am not sure how long those servers will function after the XC master server went down.
  14. There also seems to be providers using a cracked version of Xtream Codes panel, so those providers are not affected, since a cracked version of XC doesn't connect home to verify its license or manage its accounts/stream links.
  15. There are apparently millions of user accounts seized. A whopping 800 thousand customer accounts were ONLINE (watching TV) DURING the bust, so imagine all the offline customers (according to an article I linked above, there were 50 million customer accounts on the Xtream Codes server). The "800k" number is clearly not just for the stupid and easily-busted Italian provider with their mere 150ish "broadcast servers", since those would not be able to handle 800k viewers at once (that would mean those servers had 5333 active streams per server, which assuming standard gigabit connections per server would mean each stream is encoded at ~0.18mbit bitrate, but 1080p HD streams require 3.5-6mbit or higher per channel, so the math/lies by EUROJUST is yet again not making any sense, and the CPU usage that would be required per-server for streaming to that many people is unrealistic too)... That number is clearly either for Xtream Codes as a whole (meaning the entire worldwide IPTV market had 800k viewers active during the raid), or perhaps it's yet another fake number by EUROJUST...
  16. People who have bought IPTV from ANY provider that used Xtream Codes panel internally (for account/playlist management) are known by your IP now, since Xtream Codes tracks your IP for detecting shared accounts/multi-logins.

    source is https://www.reddit.com/r/IPTV/comments/d...t_raiding/

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